• Michael Junzo Yano | May 31, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    I had a same flight from Osaka to Los Angeles 3days ago. I saw them at the departure lounge in the Kansai Airport and I couldn’t believe it it’s really happening to me. I was a big fan of them and I’ve been listening their albums such as “I am” “All ‘n All” “Gratitude” etc. since mid 70s. Members were so humble and sincere having conversation with me and other Americans at the lounge. I visited Japan for my mother who just recently passed away , but Bobby said, “you are lucky to have two Homes!”. Also Verdine and Ralph were so nice to me, too. Their kindness and friendly manner saved me a lot! Thank you so much!!

    All the best (sorry for my broken English writing…)

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