Faces (1980) - Earth Wind & Fire

Faces (1980)

earth wind and fire - faces


In a 2007 interview Maurice White called Faces his favorite Earth, Wind & Fire album, “because we were really in tune, playing together and it gave us the opportunity to explore new areas. We were really being a self-contained band.” It’s easy to hear that sense of integration and self-assurance in Faces. In many ways their first album of the ‘80s encapsulates everything the band learned and accomplished over the course of the ‘70s. During that period, White and his ever-evolving…



01     Let Me Talk
02     Turn It Into Something Good
03     Pride
04     You
05     Sparkle
06     Back On The Road
07     Song In My Heart
08     You Went Away
09     And Love Goes On
10     Sailaway
11     Take It To The Sky
12     Win Or Lose
13     Share Your Love
14     In Time
15     Faces
16     Let Me Talk (12″ Long Version)
17     You (Alternative Mix)
18     And Love Goes On (Alternative Mix)