Last Days And Time (1972)

earth wind and fire - Last Days And Time


The band would go on to polish and refine its all-encompassing sound, but even if they had never released another album, this would still stand as one of the era’s most unique and exciting vocal R&B albums. The influence of Curtis Mayfield is strong — never a bad thing, and pretty much inevitable for a Chicago group from this era — especially on “They Don’t See,” “Remember the Children” and “I’d Rather Have You.” At the same time there are several songs that are so unique they could have only….



01     Time Is On Your Side
02     Interlude
03     They Don’t See
04     Interlude
05     Make It With You
06     Power
07     Remember The Children
08     Interlude
09     Where Have All The Flowers Gone
10     I’d Rather Have You
11     Mom