Open Your Eyes (1974)

earth wind and fire - open your eyes


Finally, after almost half a decade of serious dues-paying, Earth, Wind & Fire took off commercially with its fifth album, Open Our Eyes. EWF had been delivering great albums since 1971, but it wasn’t until 1974 that the public proved genuinely receptive to Maurice White’s mystical and unorthodox take on soul and funk. No longer would EWF enjoy only a small cult following. Thanks to treasures like “Kalimba Story,” the gritty funk smoker “Mighty Mighty,” and the unforgettable “Devotion,” Open Our Eyes became EWF’s…   more



01     Mighty Mighty
02     Devotion
03     Fair But So Uncool
04     Feelin’ Blue
05     Kalimba Story
06     Drum Song
07     Tee Nine Chee Bit
08     Spasmodic Movements
09     Rabbit Seed
10     Caribou
11     Open Our Eyes
12     Ain’t No Harm To Moan (Slave Song)
13     Fair But So Uncool (Walkin’ In N’Awlins Mix)
14     Step’s Tune
15     Dreams