Powerlight (1983)

earth wind and fire - powerlight


Powerlight is a classic Earth, Wind & Fire’s album, and even though it doesn’t have the overarching vision of All ‘n’ All or Faces, it boasts some of the sharpest songs of the group’s career. The early 80’s was a unique window in the history of R&B. Artists distilled the rhythms of disco, making them harder and funkier, thereby birthing a new strain of music alternately known as electric boogie or modern soul. Earth, Wind & Fire thrived during this period. They were students of groove, and their….



01     Fall In Love With Me
02     Spread Your Love
03     Side By Side
04     Straight From The Heart
05     The Speed Of Love
06     Freedom Of Choice
07     Something Special
08     Hearts To Heart
09     Miracles