That's The Way Of The World (1975) - Earth Wind & Fire

That’s The Way Of The World (1975)

earth wind and fire - thats the way of the world


The soundtrack to a movie that hardly anyone ever saw, That’s the Way of the World ultimately made it on its own. The album that put Earth, Wind & Fire over the top in commercial terms, Way also spawned some of the band’s most well-loved music. “Shining Star” is one of the beefiest funk-rock guitar jams ever, topped off with an amazing vocal blend that restates Sly Stone’s lesson that everybody gets to shine. The band works out its jazz jones on “Africano,” while “Happy Feelin'” is hardly…



01     Shining Star
02     That’s The Way Of The World
03     Happy Feelin’
04     All About Love
05     Yearnin’ Learnin’
06     Reasons
07     Africano
08     See The Light
09     Shining Star (Future Star)
10     All About Love (First Impression)
11     Happy Feelin’ (Anatomy Of A Groove)
12     Caribou Chaser (Jazzy Jam)
13     That’s The Way Of The World (Latin Expedition)