Earth Wind & Fire | The Eternal Dance (1992)

The Eternal Dance (1992)

earth wind and fire - the eternal dance


Covering three discs and including all the hits, as well as a healthy selection of rarities, The Eternal Dance is not designed for the casual listener; only hardcore fans will remain enthralled through the numerous rarities. Most listeners will be content with the two greatest-hits collections, but this comprehensive box set remains essential for hardcore Earth, Wind & Fire fans.



Volume I (1971-1975):
01     Fan The Fire
02     Love Is Life
03     I Think About Lovin’ You
04     Interlude (Previously Unreleased)
05     Time Is On Your Side
06     Where Have All The Flowers Gone
07     Power
08     Keep Your Head To The Sky
09     Evil
10     Mighty Mighty
11     Feelin’ Blue
12     Hey Girl (Interlude, Previously Unreleased)
13     Open Our Eyes
14     Shining Star (Previously Unreleased Alternate Version)
15     Happy Feelin’
16     Reasons
17     Shining Star
18     That’s The Way Of The World
Volume II (1975-1977):
01     Kalimba Story/Sing A Message To You
(Live, Previously Unreleased)
02     Head To The Sky/Devotion (Live, Previously Unreleased)
03     Sun Goddess (Live)
04     Mighty Mighty (Live, Previously Unreleased)
05     Interlude
06     Can’t Hide Love
07     Singasong
08     Sunshine
09     Getaway
10     Saturday Nite
11     Spirit
12     Ponta De Areia – “Brazilian Rhyme”
(Interlude, Previously Unreleased)
13     Fantasy
14     Serpentine Fire
15     I’ll Write A Song For You
16     Be Ever Wonderful
17     Beijo (Interlude)
18     Got To Get You Into My Life
Volume III (1978-1989):
01     September
02     Boogie Wonderland
03     After The Love Has Gone
04     In The Stone
05     Dirty (Interlude, Previously Unreleased)
06     Let Me Talk
07     And Love Goes On
08     Pride
09     Demo (Previously Unreleased)
10     Let’s Groove
11     Wanna Be With You
12     Little Girl (Interlude, Previously Unreleased)
13     Night Dreamin’ (Previously Unreleased)
14     Fall In Love With Me
15     Magnetic
16     System Of Survival
17     Thinking Of You
18     Gotta Find Out
18     That’s The Way Of The World (Live, Previously Unreleased)