Happy 21st of September!

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Happy 21st of September 2012 to you! To celebrate we’re giving away a few pairs of our new Gratitude headphones! Head over to our Facebook page and answer the question “Where were you when you first heard September?” to enter. Only people who comment on this post on facebook will be eligible to win. Winners will be picked on Monday, September 24th. This contest is open to US and International fans so go tell us your story now!


  • Emily and Josh | Sep 22, 2012 at 7:06 am

    As children of children of the ’70s, niether of us have a distinct recollection of a “first time” hearing “September”. It existed already as part of our world before we got there. It seemed ancient and self existent (no-offense), a part of the natural soundtrack of car trips and cleaning the house. Songs like “September” were the ones that taught us of our parents’ passion for music. Watching them listen, sing and dance showed us a completely different side of them, and helped teach us the meaning of fun 🙂

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